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Fashion Brands Take on Technology During Fashion Week

Form Week, held each February and September in New York, London, Milan and Paris, is known for introducing most current styles, patterns, and planners into standard mold. The season will find some conclusion in Paris this week, where brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Lanvin, are presently demonstrating their accumulations. For as far back as couple of years brands have turned out to be more trial, pushing the advanced envelope and coordinating innovation into their design appears. Gushing shows live and posting photographs promptly online are patterns that have now turned out not out of the ordinary from Fashion Week. Inside the most recent couple of years, form brands are working in various approaches to associate with shoppers and convey new ideas to the real world.

Alexander Wang facilitated his Fall 2014 show in Brooklyn. The solicitations were warm delicate and touched base with well ordered headings to the scene. The brand likewise collaborated with Uber, an application based taxicab benefit, giving 30% off Uber transportation. The welcome was an anticipating of the warmth initiated texture Wang utilized as a part of his gathering. For the show’s finale, models were situated under warmth vents as the texture changed hues under the nearness of warmth. The brand isn’t the first to make a big appearance this kind of innovation, however surely one with the most brand acknowledgment.

For the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 design appear, the brand utilized the web-based social networking stage Keek to post behind scenes recordings. The organization’s CEO Uri Minkoff trusts clients value an insider take a gander at the brand and associate more with crude and un-altered substance. Rebecca Minkoff has additionally utilized its substantial online networking nearness in past form a long time to make a big appearance looks to clients by means of Tumblr and Snapchat. The estimation of a brand’s online networking following is fundamental and makes an exceedingly drew in group of onlookers, invited into the brand’s internal circle.

Marc Jacobs opened a fly up look for his scent, Daisy, in New York City on the principal day of Fashion Week. Formally called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, the store utilized social money; guests could utilize the hashtag #MJDaisyChain and get a marked blessing from the store. Trading marked things for online networking posts is an inventive idea to spread mindfulness and reward clients for their supports.

Burberry is a standout amongst the most computerized marks in the extravagance part. Always pushing the tech-envelope, Burberry hopes to combine computerized and physical touch focuses over its image. From collaborating with Apple a year ago to opening a without till excellence boutique, Burberry has championed a variety of effective developments. The brand has likewise effectively extended its “Runway Made to Order” benefit, which presently incorporates menswear, womenswear, and beauty care products accessible for buy and personalization, straight off the runway. For its latest Fall 2014 show, Burberry made overwhelming commitment via web-based networking media, posting elite photography, recordings and unique Vines.

“Burberry’s quality is especially in declaring its feeling of self while exhibiting its sensibility to an advancing world and buyer. All things considered, the brand is looked to as a skilled and nimble maestro of the experiential” remarks Rebecca Robins, Director EMEA and LatAm for Interbrand and co-creator ofMeta-extravagance: Brands and the Culture of Excellence. “This is a brand that has grasped the very introduce of custom as advancement, staying consistent with the strings of its center qualities, while working always to guarantee its importance for ages to come.”

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“The inquiry for mark proprietors,” Robins includes, “ought to be how does development increase the value of the brand? How do developments increase the value of how buyers draw in with the brand? Similarly that driving extravagance brands forgo the very term ‘extravagance,’ innovation comes as standard. The brands that really install the enchantment and rationale of development and the enchantment and rationale of brand as focal sorting out rule, will be the ones that we will read about long past the runway.”

Mold Week is a period for brands to exhibit their capacity to analyze and additionally position themselves as trend-setters in the form business. Steps and headways made in past design weeks have now progressed toward becoming desire. While some mold brands are still ease back to grasp it, innovation is another approach to recount a brand story, particularly through long range informal communication outlets and item improvement. Using innovation is ending up progressively vital for design brands, as live streams, web-based social networking, and computerized advancement are fundamental to associating with purchasers.

Top 10 Fashion Week in World

For what reason do we like mold appears? Maybe in light of the fact that the wonderful runway, the appealing and tall models, the dazzling dresses and embellishments, the music and the group of onlookers; are the fixings that make up for a design appear. We have all seen either face to face or through our TVs. Truly, we as a whole love our measurements of form. Keep in mind the form appears in your schools and colleges? Truly, that is precisely the sort of impact the universe of mold has on us. We as a whole get a kick out of the chance to look great, isn’t that right? ‘Design’ as an idea has achieved such statures in our general public that somehow or the other it is a piece of everyone. It is a flourishing industry; extremely vicious and additionally tasteful.

  1. Paris

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    The greatest of all fashion shows, it is one of the most celebrated fashion weeks held in bi-annually in Paris one of the four fashion capitals of the world. The event is held to showcase Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections at the respective times of each year. Top Fashion houses display their works in this event with the elite fashion connoisseurs present to marvel at the creations. Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Paul Smith are just some of the big names associated with this event from a list of several others.

  2. New York

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    It is the best design even in New York one of the mold capitals of the world. It rates among the ‘Huge Four’ Fashion Weeks which incorporates Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. It is held in February and September every year and features the manifestations of huge names in the Fashion Industry. The New York Fashion Week was first held in the year 1943 and was the principal ever of its kind sorted out anyplace on the planet. The goal of the New York Fashion Week is to likewise grandstand the American Fashion which in history was constantly finished shadowed by the French Fashion Industry.

  3. Tokyo

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    The Japanese are known for excelling in whatever they do. Fashion is not an area where they are lagging in any respect. The Tokyo Fashion Week is an event which has steadily climbed up the charts of popularity over the years. The styles and trends showcased are bold and often very experimental. Some of the most unusual fashion trends have come out into the world through the Tokyo Fashion Week and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this event slowly becomes one of the best in the industry.

  4. Los Angeles

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    The Los Angeles Fashion week occurs bi-annually each year. The fall collections are showcased in the month March while the spring Collection is displayed in the month of October. It predominantly demonstrates the creations of Los Angeles and Southern California Fashion Designers. The popularity of this event is gradually increasing as result of constant efforts from Los Angeles Fashion Designers and Journalists.

  5. Australian

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    The Australian Fashion Week is an annual event held in the country which aims to feature the works of fashion houses and designers from the Australian and Asia Pacific regions. It was first held in the year 1995. This event brings the designers and the retail buyers under one roof and helps the latter to purchase the latest in fashion from them. Some of the noted Fashion names associated with this event include Lisa Ho, Alex Perry, Zimmermann, Toni Maticevski, Leona Edmiston, J’Aton Couture, Ericaamerica and more

From The Catwalk To The Street

The catwalk season is going all out. New York and London have swaggered their stuff and the spotlight is currently on Milan. Several purchasers and writers have dropped on the Italian form capital where they will scramble for a gander at what the world’s best fashioners have made. The purchasers will pick the things they need for their boutiques and the press will pick their pattern choices. They will likewise book out pieces of clothing to go up against shoots to match with the new accumulations hitting the shops.

Be that as it may, a specific division of the design business is continually absent from these prominent shows and that is the huge retailers who provide food for by far most of individuals who purchase garments. They are not welcomed but rather their in-house fashioners will pore over the primary pictures like investigators looking at a wrongdoing scene. Form analyst Caryn Franklin says when a show happens, the retailers are “gathering the computerized photographs prepared to make drift sheets for their own fashioners”.

“High Street planners don’t get welcomed to appears. In the days of yore that was an issue since they couldn’t perceive what was happening and film would offer on the bootleg market for £100 a roll.

“A retailer would now be able to get as much symbolism as they need and the planners aren’t ready to ensure themselves in the way they were. Tom Ford as of late completed a shut show since he didn’t need it to be accessible for anybody to replicate.”

For some individuals the catwalk is other-common, populated by unusual artistes who make over the top garments that few would set out stroll down the road in. In any case, even a portion of the more unusual garments channel down to the road. The late Alexander McQueen’s butt cheek uncovering “bumster pants”, which showed up in 1996, generated the pattern for fashionable person pants.

The shops are right now inundated with polka dabs, motivated by Marc Jacobs’ harvest time/winter accumulation, paraded amid February’s mold appears. Also, Prada’s strong stripes and Gucci’s shading blocking were sweltering patterns this spring/summer. Mustard was a repeating subject on the current catwalks in New York and London and no uncertainty it will soon be the yellow of decision for magazines, famous people and the huge retailers.

Johanna Payton, head of form for, says the catwalk is the place everything starts.

“It takes around 10-12 weeks to get to the High Street yet in actuality the present shows are spring/summer outlines and we will see them fly up in shops in February.”

Be that as it may, she says the enormous retailers can take a key element from these shows and consolidate it into new plans for its flow occasional accumulation, and in addition getting its planners to deal with elucidations for the following. Zara is one of the enormous retail goliaths prestigious for quick design. The organization says speed is its “No 1 need” and its snappiest turnaround time is two weeks. Their plan group numbers 200 and the chain has its own particular producers and merchants, enabling it to adjust stock to client tastes in the briefest time conceivable.

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Hannah Almassi, a fashion reporter for Grazia magazine, says street style is a big inspiration for a lot of girls at the moment, with trends – such as black ribbons around shirt collars – finding their way to a wider crowd. Every week Almassi pounds the streets of London with a photographer on the hunt for those who do not want to be a “slave to fashion”.

“There are a lot of girls who want to be individual whether they are taking their inspiration from the catwalk, the High Street or the magazines. They want to make it their own.”

She says the High Street chains will have their own in-house creative forces and their own best-selling items to maintain and develop.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi is on the ascent. As far back as Georgian neighborhood Demna Gvasalia grabbed hold of the worldwide form discussion — first with Vetements, at that point obviously, with Balenciaga — consideration has crystalized on the post-Soviet city.

Over the previous week, another yield of planners appeared in the Georgian capital. There was Situationist — the rising star who has dressed Bella Hadid and others in his directional isolates — and additionally a few significantly lesser-known planners. They each brought a quite certain brand of perky disrespectfulness and individual importance to the principle indicate scene, a Soviet Circus. Here are our best architects of the week — the ones with the possibility to end up the following Tbilisi stars.

    Celia Valverde is a champion of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, and not on the grounds that she makes a trip from Spain to appear in the buzzy city. (Valverde is a piece of Mercedes’ International Designer Exchange Program that sends fashioners to each other’s nations to share their accumulations). “Dream is one of the most loved words for characterizing the brand,” said the craftsman, holding up a gleaming pale pink paillette suit before the show. “We generally have a similar motivation for every one of the accumulations: North Africa in the ’60s, and my grandma. My grandma is from Africa. [The garments are] exceptionally ’60s, with a considerable measure of shading, with volume — African. Africa is exceptionally bright and effective.” The fun and nearly couture-like components (the enumerating on only one tulle skirt took seven days of handwork) give Valverde’s work genuine qualification.

    Georgian originator Lako Bukia was prepared in London and New York, however as of late, returned home. “Since I came to Georgia the greater part of my accumulations were motivated by Georgia road style, however now, this one is about my family,” she clarified. “Pictures and recollections of what my family has been. Indeed, even the area connects back to my family. It’s an exceptionally old building worked in Soviet Times and it’s the same, nothing has changed.” The genuine and honest to goodness beginning stage could be felt in the garments, which included shirting fit with prints of Bukia’s folks in the 1960s, neon tights and silk suiting in energetic shading.


    Nino Babukhadia won this year’s Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program. The Georgian designer, who founded her namesake label in 2012, has looked to The Dreamers, classical Italian architecture, and the Sicilian coastline in the past. Her aesthetic has been characterized as quite feminine, especially given her penchant for beaded embroideries. This season, however, was all about androgyny and took inspiration from the war photography of Otto Dix. “It was two genders on one person,” said the designer after the show, which gave us strong monochromatic minimal looks and showed earlier this year in Madrid as a part of the International Designer Exchange Program.

Sydney Fashion Agen Domino Week

Agen Domino Worldwide brands keep on flocking Down Under, pursuing development in a nation whose populace is blasting, because of record migration rates. Net relocation rose 27 for each penny in the a year to June 2017, the speediest in the created world, as indicated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and among the most elevated for any nation in the Organization for Economic Co-task and Development. Global tourism and instruction are additionally blasting, with Chinese visitors and understudies representing a critical rate in the two areas. As indicated by worldwide business knowledge pioneer IBISWorld, offers of individual extravagance products rose 11 for each penny year on year to A$1.8 billion out of 2017.

A phenomenal A$62 billion is being directed into Sydney’s Agen Domino focal business region through moves up to transport foundation and office, lodging and private improvements, as Australia’s greatest city prepares for an anticipated 48 for each penny development in its populace, to 7.4 million individuals, throughout the following 30 years. Sydney Fashion Week begins on Monday, and the timetable is stacked brimming with the nation’s best originators, which has put the city in the style spotlight much more. Before the end of last year saw the opening of areas of the recently pedestrianized George Street Boulevard, which is the fundamental vein of the region. Extravagance behemoths Louis Vuitton and Burberry had just deserted there in 2011. Both tripled the extent of their unique leader stores in the city’s customary extravagance region of Castlereagh Street, which is currently stuffed to the gills.

Bondi Beach Agen Domino

Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles … Bondi Beach? When Louis Vuitton chose Sydney as the eighth global city for its Supreme collaboration capsule unveiling last July, the luxury juggernaut picked hipster hotspot Bondi Beach for the pop-up.

You don’t normally find luxury brands at Bondi Beach – that said, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have opened stores 3km back up Bondi Road at Westfield Bondi Junction, with Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo soon Agen Domino to join them – but what you will find is a score of cool boutiques, plus the Bondi Market on Sundays.

Double Bay

Before Castlereagh Street and Westfield Bondi Junction crashed the party, cosmopolitan Double Bay used to be considered the Rodeo Drive of Sydney. Located 5km from the city centre on Sydney Harbour, this charming village is the gateway to theaffluent Eastern Suburbs and is also undergoing a renaissance, with the InterContinental hotel opening in late 2019 and A$600 million in new luxury apartment projects under way.

Oxford Street, Paddington Agen Domino

A leafy shopping strip peppered with quaint Victorian terrace houses and home to the Paddington Markets, Oxford Street was previously one of Australia’s most exciting fashion hubs. However, after the opening Agen Domino of two Westfields just 6km apart in Bondi Junction and the district between 2004 and 2010, for a while there you could almost see tumbleweed rolling down the strip, due to all the empty shops. With a space crunch and skyrocketing rents in the city centre, the strip is now having a major revival, with dozens of boutique and bar openings.

Dubai Arab Fashion Week, and Riyadh Arab Fashion Week

As the abaya witnesses a worldwide resurgence, the 6th release of Arab Fashion Week opened with fallen blessed messengers, Rococo bodices, cupcake headbands and nary a kaftan in locate. Charged as an official form week close by the extremely popular Paris, Milan and London appears, the Arab version of mold week is the sole occasion committed totally to prepared couture and pre-accumulations.

Facilitated on the Queen Elizabeth II voyage deliver, the show, which prides itself on its Arab name, opened with heavenly attendant roused and rococo kitsch accumulations by planners from Russia, Portugal, the UAE, the Philippines, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and then some.

Planner Furne One of Amato Couture, cherished in Dubai for his ethereal outlines, opened the four-day issue with his “Background noise” accumulation, roused by heavenly attendants both cherubin and fallen. With winged white liner, pearl tears underneath their eyes and bare fishnet tights, his models strolled the runway in hot-pants, tea-length dresses, mermaid outfits and sheer streaming capes, hung make a beeline for toe in ribbon, voile and precious stones.

“The motivation about this gathering is heavenly attendants. White heavenly attendants, fallen blessed messengers a wide range of holy messengers, who are here on earth – on the grounds that we don’t have a clue,” said One, whose famous accumulations are as often as possible motivated by legendary animals.

Russia’s Tatiana V. Lyalina paid tribute to Marie Antoinette with a Rococo-roused gathering including pink heart-print pantsuits underneath brilliant blue hide stoles, blue-green velvet outfits with clasps, sparkle knee boots, girdles and cupcake headbands.

The Arab Fashion Council has transparently said it intends to spread prepared couture over the area – a type of mold that is fiscally more available than high fashion, yet pricier and somewhat more selective than prepared to-wear.

The spread of prepared couture has not sat especially well with conventional guards in the mold world, yet the developing impact of online networking has seen its notoriety keep on skyrocketing. The Arab Fashion Council is depending on that prominence to make its blemish on the worldwide scene.

“With the difference in the market and the economy and the matter of design, we have seen that … indeed, even in Paris, in the last form week, there were numerous creators endeavoring to move from high fashion to prepared couture,” said Jacob Abrian, leader of the Arab Fashion Council.

“It is a result of the economy, due to the budgetary status, on account of online networking, as a result of your social life. You have a tendency to go to a bigger number of occasions than previously and you have a tendency to spend less… in any case, you will keep a specific level of extravagance,” Abrian told AFP.

“I trust this is an essential apparatus in our grasp, that we can push Arab Fashion Week to end up one of the primary, most critical form a long time in the following 10 years.”

For five seasons selective to Dubai, Arab Fashion Week now has two versions: Dubai Arab Fashion Week, and Riyadh Arab Fashion Week, short of what one month separated. Saudi Arabia a month ago facilitated its own particular form of the occasion, drawing press from around the globe to a lineup that included trunk appears by Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli yet did exclude men or cameras.

Dundee Fashion Week launches in style

The festival of front line plan, workmanship and attire will see a portion of the best and brightest abilities on the city scene show their work and thoughts. The DC Thomson Meadowside office facilitated a welcome just dispatch get-together on Monday night with a Malmaison-motivated mixed drink and canapes night to start seven days in length program of occasions

On Wednesday, Millars of Broughty Ferry will have a mold exchange evening where individuals will have the capacity to meet high design mark reps who will talk about up and coming patterns and industry privileged insights.

The Overgate focus will have a style studio evening on Thursday, with neighborhood mold bloggers Helen and Kimberley of Wardrobe Conversations talking about the patterns we will fuss for this spring and summer. The strip mall will likewise have a display by Dundee adornments planner Genna Delaney on Saturday.

The Dundee University graduate will lead a 3D printing course, displaying how present day innovation can be utilized to create striking embellishments and outfit adornments.

Bespoke tailor David Alexander and dress-producer Karen Hamilton will run a workshop including hand made form pieces at an occasion in the McManus exhibitions on Saturday. Notwithstanding their displays the combine will take individuals through the essential standards of form configuration, design making, and piece of clothing development.

They will be joined by Samantha McEwan, who is behind the clique Dundee mold mark Isolated Heroes at the daytime occasion.Samantha as of late outlined articles of clothing worn by pop stars Paloma Faith, Miley Cyrus, Kate Nash and Pixie Lott.

The Steeple Church will hold a head screening of design narrative Style In The City on Saturday in the vicinity of 1pm and 4pm. The film incorporates interviews with a portion of the city’s best-known countenances, including Lorraine Kelly, and also individuals from general society sharing their contemplations on what impacts their style and form decisions.

Adjusting off the week will be a Fashion Finale catwalk appear at Caird Hall. Tickets for the runway indicate cost £10 and are accessible from the Dundee Box Office. They will likewise enable section to an after-party mixed drink occasion at Malmaison.

London Modest Fashion Agen Bola Week Show

Lindsay Lohan Agen Bola was spotted wearing a hijab to a London Modest Fashion Week indicate following progressing gossipy tidbits that she’s changed over to Islam. London Modest Fashion Week, which occurred more than two days from February 17 amid London Fashion Week, was established a year ago by unobtrusive form mark Haute Elan.

It celebrates unassuming style by architects from around the globe, displaying a scope of hijabs and abayas.  One of the show’s participants was performing artist Lindsay Lohan, who showed up while wearing a dark hijab.

“Design doesn’t generally need to be so stripped and can be audacious and still wonderful with a solid gathering of ladies behind it,” Lohan disclosed to BBC Minute. In January, the 31-year-old performer erased the majority Agen Bola of the photographs from her Instagram account and changed her profile to peruse the Arabic expression: “Salam Aleikum”, which signifies: “Peace arrive.”

Lohan has beforehand stood up about her Agen Bola liking with Islam, in spite of the fact that she never affirmed that she had changed over to the religion

“In Islamic culture I feel like it’s a family to me, a lot of my friends are Arab and they’ve been really good people to me,” she said during an interview on Good Morning Britain last year.

In an Instagram post that has now been deleted, Lohan marked International Women’s Day last year by quoting the Prophet Muhammad and sharing a picture of herself with a bindi on her forehead.

“Angels are the strongest of created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light,” she wrote.

The impact of modest fashion has been Agen Bola steadily growing in recent times, with an abaya-only show by Indonesian designer Vivi Zubedi debuting at New York Fashion Week last week.  In June a year ago Halima Aden turned into the principal demonstrate who wears a hijab to effortlessness the front of Allure magazine, before showing up in Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty crusade.

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Dina Torkia, a Muslim vlogger Agen Bola with more than 700,000 endorsers on YouTube, as of late addressed The Independent about the manner by which unobtrusive form has developed in the course of recent years.

“Seven years back when I would shop on the high road, it would be such a mission to discover an outfit effortlessly Agen Bola that was reasonable for me. It would take me hours,” she said.

“Since we have Muslim models like Halima Aden, a hijabi show, it’s obvious to see that things are certainly advancing.”

Beauty Trends on the Fall 2018 Runways

Holographic lips! 24-karat eyes! Stunning red hair! Mold month has attracted to a nearby, however the transportive hair and cosmetics looks that rose on the runway have effectively left a stamp on the aggregate awareness. This season, change was a topic that educated numerous over the-neck proclamations. There were the sensational Vidal Sassoon– style cuts and neon color employments at Marc Jacobs, which rendered models unrecognizable to a watershed-minute impact, while Giambattista Valli’s sparkle shelled skin and Louis Vuitton’s subversive, MoMA-commendable looks demonstrated you can slip into a totally extraordinary character only for the night. Also, filling in as a balance to these minutes were the reimaginings of the works of art, from Dolce and Gabbana’s individualized red mouths to Alexander McQueen’s capable serpentine twists. Here, look through the eight greatest magnificence patterns of Fall 2018.

  1. Transformative Chops
    Models have been getting dynamically bolder with regards to hacking everything off for a solitary show. In any case, this present season’s engineering hair styles were a made-for-Instagram wonder. “These geometric shapes resemble an adornment all by themselves,” said Guido Palau backstage at Marc Jacobs, where a modest bunch of models had gotten hilter kilter bounces and curvilinear clean tops propelled by Sassoon’s notable ’60s yields. Furthermore, that was only the start. Austrian-conceived hair chameleon Stella Lucia exchanged her long, chest-brushing lengths for a piece-y hurl in front of the Roberto Cavalli appear, while Givenchy young ladies Simone Doreleijers and Monika Sawicka each appeared changeable kid trims at fashioner Clare Waight Keller’s ask.
  2. A Rainbow of Red Lips

    Take it from cosmetics visionary Pat McGrath: No two red lips ought to ever be the same. At Dolce and Gabbana, McGrath blended an assortment of red tints to make a bespoke shade for each model, for example, Zhenya Katava’s bloodred or Maria Borges’ tangerine-tinged red. Also, the correct complete is similarly as significant. Brandon Maxwell, Erdem, and Bottega Veneta displayed strong mattes, while McQueen’s fire-motor sulks were an examination in attractive, high-sparkle gleam.

  3. Futuristic ShineFrom Maison Margiela to Balmain, form looked to the future with outlines cast in holographic materials and completions. Be that as it may, there’s no compelling reason to hold up until next season to grasp a touch of awesome sparkle. As the shine painted, finger-waved updos at Sophia Webster and colorful appearances at Valli illustrated, a couple—make that twelve—pots of sparkle put matters unequivocally into one’s own hands. In the event that a concentrated touch of flash is more your speed, look no more distant than the Margiela appear, where show Alyssa Traoré’s bright lips transmitted because of slicks of intelligent shade and high-sparkle gleam, or Opening Ceremony’s Disneyland spectacle, where kaleidoscopic strokes of shading were hindered around the eyes.
  4. Painterly Eye Statements

    Dark black feline eyes will dependably be a catwalk pillar, yet fashioners presented a persuading defense for a Rainbow Brite look. The Technicolor trip started at Sies Marjan, where eyes were encased in lavishly pigmented ruby-red and profound purple, and proceeded at Prada, where seven models handpicked by Miuccia herself got supercharged wings adorned with Ziegfeld Girl– style Swarovski precious stones. At that point there was the Dior excellence rallying call heard round Paris Fashion Week, with a large number of fine pastels gruffly sliced along the upper and lower lashes, and additionally Altuzarra’s ’80s club-kid eyes in delicate concentration washes of aubergine, turquoise, and backwoods green, and Vuitton’s equivalent amounts of helter-skelter and geometric strokes of liner in ultra-punchy brights.

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  5. Pull out all the stops or-Go-Home Hair Accessories

    Because of Alexander Wang’s nine-to-five-enlivened metallic hook clasps and Tom Ford’s Rodeo Drive– prepared calfskin headbands, New York Fashion Week emerged ready to take care of business on the hair embellishment front. In any case, it was Gucci and Chanel that launch the accessories to Kirakira-commendable impact with indulgent diamanté periphery headpieces and twinkly interlocking twofold C cuts individually. For a more unpretentious thrive, the plume embellished side parts beautician Sam McKnight cooked up for Dries Van Noten were a dazzling lesson in conceiving of brand new ideas.


From Naomi Campbell to Ozwald Boateng: Arise fashion week – in pictures

After a six-year break, Arise fashion week returned to Nigeria last week, with Naomi Campbell walking two shows in Lagos, Skepta performing – and Ozwald Boateng producing a starry collection